Monday, September 10

part time!

Soo.. I am going part time next month, I am so excited! I don't really know what exactly is going to happen to the money situation, but I think we will live with in our means and this will just force us to not spend as much. I think it is a lot easier to not spend when you don't have the money to do it. :) I have been waiting for Brandon's insurance to kick in with his new job so that we won’t need my job for the insurance. sooo.. Starting next month I will be home a lot more! I have a friend that every time we talk he always reminds me that you have to be home to get pregnant and now that I am going to be home more maybe the baby magic will happen?

So, yes that means we have been trying.... about 6 months now! I know it's not that long people try and try and try, and it doesn't ever happen. But when you decided you are going to start trying you think you are instantly going to get pregnant. Well at least that’s what I hoped. I have been flying with a couple of different ladies this last month or two that have similar situations where they tried everything and nothing worked! Insemination, In vitro, fertility shots... I am hoping Heavenly father isn't prepping me for some bad news. I am hoping he isn't having me fly with them just so I can learn how they dealt with it. There was one lady that tried In vitro twice and is still paying for that bill every month with no baby to show for it. :( I am doing better though one month I went crazy with the emotional roller coaster of thinking I was to not, to thinking I was to not. This last month I have been doing way better. I have to be ok with my life even if it takes years. I can’t live my life in an emotional roller coaster state. My parents took three years and Brandon’s parents took five years. So this month I am ok with not being pregnant (well at least that is what I have to tell my self.) My life is good I am so incredibly blessed; I have an amazing family my side and Brandon’s side! My husband is the most incredible man alive; I love him so much and am so grateful for all that he does for me! I have much to be grateful for!