Thursday, May 31

memorial day

Brandon was so excited to finally go swimming with the boys.  We have been a couple times this year and he is always working and jealous he cant come with us. I tell him how awesome the boys do and he has been wanting to see it for him self. Well on Monday he was able to come and hang out by the pool with us.  We went to Brittany's pool and hung out and had a bbq with her.
Mallory and dean stoped by and made an apperance. It was a lot of fun.
This is Eva in her tiny little swim suit. She has yet to get in a pool but I have put her swim suit on her twice now. haha... she seems to like being pool side.

My handsome Lucas.

My handsome husband. Lucas was his little shadow that day. I think he loved having his daddy home and having so much of his attention. With William busy with his cousins and me watching Eva He has a lot of his daddy's attention.

My boys, with jayge in the background

One of the many times he got out dried off and then went back in.

Jumping in the water.

I hope he isn't made for me posting this picture! haha.. if you can't tell Lucas is showing his muscles too. Thats how he flex his muscles. It cracks me up, he shakes like crazy in the process.
Trying to teach him to hold his breath.
Little Bailee Jaine, she is so funny.
my bathing beauty!

lucas accidental took a hard fall, haha... went completely under the water, Brandon's face in the last picture is hilarious. the ring fell down around his feet and he face planted in the water! haha
these two! they would not stop posing for the camera, when I was done, jay jay said one more.. haha

 Stole this pose and swim suit from Sarah, haha.. love it.
 drying off in the sun shine.
 I love these two! they are little buddies, they crack me up how much a like they are sometimes.
 My little fish, he does so well... I can not tell you enough how much I LOVE these puddle jumpers
 trying to teach William how to swim with out floaties..

Tuesday, May 29

William has teeth again!

Willaim got his pedial partial put in like a week or two ago! I was so looking forward to his visit! I wanted to document it all but of course forgot my camera. these are cell phone pics... he did SO well like always.  They look so good and I often forget that his teeth ever got knocked out in the first place!

Thursday, May 17

quick lake trip

I went to the lake with Dean and Mallory and some of Deans family last week. I didn't bring my camera, so these are compliments of Mallory. Brandon didn't get to come cause he had to work. We didn't stay long but I did take William out on the jet ski for a little ride. I'm hoping there will be more trips to the lake this summer! so excited.

 Me and my brave three year old. :)
Sword fights. something that happens on a daily basis in my home.

I really debated adding this picture, I look awful being 4 weeks post delivery but Lucas' cheesy smile was just too adorable to pass up! I had to add it.

Tuesday, May 15

Evalyns blessing day...

My handsome husband gave my sweet baby girl a name and a blessing on Sunday a week before mothers day.  Thanks to those that came and helped participate and who brought food.

I'm a little mad I didn't get a picture with my family. yea who does that? I was too busy.. :) that's life! I need to slow down and take more pictures! and I need to at least be in a couple as well! :)

at our house after the blessing, these two crazies are so funny!

all the grand kids except brielle, she was napping.
William jay jay and becks... love these pics, they are adorable.
all the grand kids except Evalyn.

Monday, May 14

recent stuff

my sisters and mom and brother all got strawberries to make jam with a couple weeks ago. I think it was over 20 flats. I personally got three flats, that sounds like a lot but I don't think it will last as long as I was hoping! it's just too delicious, and we use it on everything! :)

Thanks to my sister in laws mom for helping me out this year and making most of ours! haha

Lucas turned two last week! he will get his own post hopefully soon. I am slacking...

To say William is obsessed with his sister may be an understatement. He holders her like this all the time. it's like a little baby sitter. I'll set them up on the chair turn a little music on for them and check on them occasionally it helps me get something done real quick and it's so sweet to let them have a little bonding moment together.

Saturday, May 12

Cell phone pics!

all these pictures are some of my favorites. I have been REALLY bad about taking pics since Evalyn has been born and I know I am going to totally regret it. So I thought I would upload some pics I take with my cell phone,  I never do anything with the pics on my cell phones, I never save them to My computer or anything they just stay trapped in the phone and then I'll get a new phone and lose them forever. Its horrible! So here aer a few pics over the last 5 weeks that Evas been here...

love it.

 She looked So tiny this night laying in our king size bed on that huge pillow, it was adorable.
 William has done this a couple times, he will curl up next to her and just fall asleep! I was talking to him one second and then the next he was out! it was So cute! and she looks so small next to my only 3 year old son!
 one morning after we woke up.  she was giving my smiles and I actually captured one on my cell phone. haha this pic cracks me up EVERY time I see it!
 who does she look like? its always a debate.
 giving her mothers scowl.
Lucas the other day. love this kid SO much!