Thursday, January 20

I am loving...

My new photography prop! haha! It is SO much fun! Thanks Holly.

Wednesday, January 19

William the big boy!

My little baby is growing up! It's happened so fast I don't even know how or when it happened.  We started potty training on Saturday. 

Saturday morning: We put underwear on him early after we woke up and he stayed in it all day. He did well told me when he needed to pee pee and went on the toilet all day. We even went to walmart and back. He had one pee accident that evening right before bath time. Then we put a diaper on him to go to bed.

Sunday: took off his diaper in the morning put underwear on him went to church, he had a pee accident at nursery. :( Brandon brought him home and talked to him and changed him he said sorry, and he promised he would do better. and he was good the rest of the day. no more accidents.

Monday: He stayed dry ALL day until like 11:00 at night when he was playing with his brother in the toy room, we went in to check on him and there was a puddle on the floor and he was ashamed. I put a diaper on him to go to bed again, still being nervous about going all night.

Tuesday: His diaper was still dry in the morning, and he went in the toilet all day, and didn't have ANY accidents. and we put him to bed with under wear on.

Wednesday: He didn't have an accident at night and woke up dry, and stayed dry all day.  NO accidents for two days straight!!

I can't believe he is doing so well, my baby is potty trained. It's crazy! I am so proud of him.

Friday, January 14

It's someones birthday

One day, (several years ago! before children.) I think I was in a bad mood or something and Brandon wanted to make me smile. We were sitting on the couch watching TV and when I looked over at Brandon he looked like this!!

penut butter all over his face!

I instantly bust up laughing and asked how long he has been sitting like that!?!? I hadn't seen him get up in a long time! It was hilarious! I laughed so hard I probably almost peed my pants! It's things like this and so much more that make me love you so much!

You are a great dad!
An amazing husband!
You are SO much fun!
So very talented in many things!
A great dancer
A great singer
Talented with musical instruments
A good provider.
good looking!
and an over all good time!
thanks babe for always being there and for always willing to make me smile! love you! and


Thursday, January 13

Our Snow Day

One day last week as Brandon's alarm went off and he went out to get ready and get in the shower he came back in and said "HEATHER! there is SNOW everywhere! a good 2 inches at least!" I laid there and thought to my self does he really know what two inches is?? that's A LOT of snow!

 but when I woke up and saw for my self I realised he DID know what he was talking about! but he had underestimated it was even more! I looked to see this!!

 We could NOT believe it! it had snowed in the night and no one even knew it was coming!  We had a great snow day.  William enjoyed it! He went through several outfit changes. Because we live in St. George My kids aren't equipped with snow gear. His hands would get freezing cold, and he didn't get that if he touched the snow it would get his mittens wet! we changed them often, and changed his clothes a couple times and then went back out.  He couldn't get enough of it!

 William thought it was his personal job to uncover everything.  He found his T-ball and bat under the snow. and was so excited and proud of his self, he was like "MOM!, look!" haha
 Lucas got to come out and see the snow for a little bit before he went down for a nap. :)
 William had just watched an episode on "how-to" make a snow angel on Special Agent Oso the week before.  He would run in the powder and through him self back on the snow.  and then make a snow angel! I said what are you doing? he said making a snow angel! I said did Oso teach you that? and he said yes. ahaha!! too funny!

 Tiffany and her kids came over bright and early that morning and they all had a great time making a "whole happy family" of snow men.
My dad's snow man.  I liked his smile the best.

Wednesday, January 12

lucas {8 months}

I am past due for this post, and I have been composing it in my head for the past two weeks or so! I don't want to just skip this month because it was a very big month for Lucas!  I would totally regret it,  and I love looking back at William's monthly posts to see what he did and when. So here goes

{In month 7}

* Lucas pulled him self up to a standing position for the first time. (it was in his crib)
* He started army crawling.
* He started saying mama.
* He got his first tooth.
* He participated in his first Christmas. :)
* He learned how to clap his hands. and does it all the time.
* I started actually feeding him a lot more solids. (instead of just nursing)  I was pretty bad at it before, he likes his fruits now. and is a good eater.
* He still nurses a lot.
* He can drink apple juice out of a sippy cup now.
* He bounces really well in the jumperoo.
* He plays well with his toys.
* He is very entertained from his brother, you can just tell how much he adores him.
* He slept through the night until he was about 6 months old, and now isn't! I really want to sleep train him but the fact that all 4 of us share a room doesn't make it the easiest fix.  I have been letting him cry it out for his naps though and some days he does pretty good, others not as much.
* He is so much fun laughs and smiles a lot and is generally pretty well natured.
* His mo hawk is getting super tall these days, and He probably needs his first hair cut. everyone comments on his hair, the color, the length
* He doesn't really spit up anymore like he used to.
* His skin isn't as sensitive as it was when he was first born either. I guess he just kind of out grew it.

Thursday, January 6


"life's too short to wait for your hair to grow" -Ali Vincent (from the biggest loser)

We took this pic at Sunday dinner.  We were taking a few pics of our new hair for my sis in law. So we decided to take one of all us sisters too. I realise this pic doest really show our hair very well... there were different ones. My Sister in law works at Salon Sienne and her name is Andrea Trask.  If you are thinking about getting extensions you should call her up! me, Mallory, and Brittany all got them.  It's been nice because my hair was totally in the awkward stage!