Thursday, September 30

Anyone in the market for a...


Loaded 2002 White 4 door Honda accord LX Sedan. With tan interior

2 BRAND NEW tires! I mean BRAND NEW, I bought them like a week ago!

Premium Alloy Wheels Nice Chrome Rims

Tinted Windows

Cruise Control

Power Locks/Windows

Security Alarm system

I Pod hook up


Pioneer CD player

Clean! runs perfect! Just had it's oil changed yesterday! 92 thousand miles.

Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested?!

Brandon is sad to sell his car but we are in the market for a larger "family" vehicle! I want a van! Brandon wants an SUV of some kind. haha! We'll see? We will be going down to one car for a little bit and take our time looking for a good deal.

Wednesday, September 29

I turned on the oven last night to preheat...

Didn't know about the "pretend" food William had been slow cooking in there since the day before!

Yea needless to say, it wasn't really recognizable anymore! Colorful globes of gooey plastic was oozing down from the oven racks to the bottom of the oven! yes it smelt, yes it was smokey, and yes it was funny! William loves to pretend cook, He makes me things all the time and brings it to me, tells me it is "pasta" or something. Lately he actually goes to the oven puts on an oven mitt puts in his toys and his pretend plastic food and closes it up! I should have checked before I just turned it on! I am totally bummed I didn't take any pictures! I was trying to hurry and clean it up so I could finish dinner! I am just glad it wasn't the Tonka trucks he puts in there on a regular basis!

Thursday, September 9

the cabin

he would have played on this the whole weekend if I let him!


Over Labor Day weekend my whole family went up to a cabin in Salina Canyon. It was LOT of fun, we relaxed played games, and ate! The cabin was huge, sitting on 40 acers of beautiful mountain side! Thanks to my sis in law Andy, (it is her family's cabin)

Monday, September 6

Lucas 4 months

Lucas had his four month check up, his stats were...

Height 25.5 75%
Weight 14 lbs. 13 oz. 53%
Head 42 cm. 47%

He got shots, poor thing, but he did great. He is a very well behaved little man, he is very good natured, I fall more in love with him every day!
What Lucas was doing in month three..
He is starting to teeth. Who knows how long it will be before a tooth actually pokes through but he has little white bumps on the tops of his gums and chews the heck out of our fingers and his hands!
He smiles and laughs a lot more these days. Especially while he is nursing, he will stop look up at me give me a huge goofy smile and then continue to eat. ha ha it cracks me up.
He is starting to sit for small little intervals. he has some strong stomach mussels and when we lay him down he always tries to sit up. He will hold him self in a "sit-up" position for a good few minutes!
He is still blond haired, blue eyed, and fair skinned (I am getting used to the fact that I have a blond son) and I actually love his hair! Some times people say they see red tints to his hair? I don't really know if I see it but maybe?
He "talks" and blabbers his little baby talk, and he squeals with delight when hes happy. It's darling.
He has found his toes and has started playing with them. Why is it so cute when baby's find out they have toes? keeps him entertained for a little while just holding his chubby little Piggy's.
I haven't started giving him baby food/or cereal yet, but I think I will soon.
He sleeps like a Trask with his hands up above his head. It's cute.

he still has a goofy smile! I LOVE it.

my happy boy!
GQ style


Sitting all by him self.

blue eyes

Wednesday, September 1

Cali Trip

We went to California with Sarah and Steve-o this last weekend. It was nice to get away. It was a relaxing weekend, we didn't do much. and that was perfectly fine with us. We stayed in one room all together and it actually worked out perfectly fine, and was a lot of fun! The babies all slept the night and it saved us all some money. :) which is always a bonus.
I love the beach, love the smell, the sound of the waves, and the whole bit, but being at the beach with kids is a whole new story! haha it was still fun! but it added a whole new mix on it!

Aww family picture...

We did a lot of relaxing, Avary and Lucas cuddling in bed.

We hit up an Angels game. I think the highlight of our trip. I was totally worried and didn't think it was a good idea with the kids but it ended up being really fun! William LOVED it, he has been REALLY into baseball lately wants to play it watch it, all they above. I think it started when we started going to Brandon's softball games. He sat there and soaked it all in! watched it intently and loved it. Lucas did really good too! He watched, and was very entertained just sitting amongst everyone. I was so glad I was proven wrong and it ended up being a huge success!

Lucas at the game, all smiles!

Sarah holding the "twins" we get asked if they are twins all the time. (I guess it's inevitable with them being an hour apart!)

Brandon built a "bumbo" for Lucas in the sand. haha poor thing hand sand in every fat roll!
William playing in the sand.