Wednesday, October 28

weekly Wednesday Update

I am 13 weeks today, Not much has changed this week. I still have good days and then I have not so good days. Today I've been pretty nauseous, and threw up. But I do think my good days are coming more and more often so that's way good! I haven't been taking my pills as much. I have been trying to make them last and only take them when I REALLY need them.
According to Baby the baby has gone from the size or a Lime to the size or a medium size shrimp. If you ask me I would consider that a down grade? but what do I know? I do have a doctors appointment this week so hopefully I have a more interesting update for you next week. :)

Saturday, October 24

Walking William

William walks all over now. He walks way more then he crawls, in fact he practically runs. I think he prefers to walk over crawl now. He can get up from the floor with out having to use anything to pull him self up. So while he's walking and if he falls over he just gets right back up and keeps walking. It's so funny to see his little body walking all over the house, I'll go around the corner to look for him and he's walking towards me, it's still so weird to me, I am still getting used to it. He has pretty good balance, the other day he was drinking his sippy while he was walking, and if I'm honest I have a hard time doing that! haha... he can bend over pick something up and then keep on walking. I think I can count it now, I think it's official, my son walks.
I said to him "can you say cheese for mommy" and this is his smile, not bad.

I have been trying to upload a video of William walking/running and I can't do it! I have been trying for a few days! I am finally giving up and I am just posting this with out the video, I'll try to do another one soon! just enjoy the pictures I guess? :)

Wednesday, October 21

weekly Wednesday update

I am 12 weeks today, I thought I would start this week with my first weekly update.

So this last week I did an Intelligender Prediction test, has anyone herd of them? you pee in a cup that comes with little crystals in it and your pee either changes green or orange. Mine turned green. According to it I am going to be having a little boy. I wanted to do it to see if it was actually legit? I am totally skeptical and yet curious at the same time.

Intelligender Gender Prediction Test

I will let you all know in a few months when I get my ultrasound if this little thing was right?

So I am still sick. I haven't been as sick with this pregnancy as I was with William. I couldn't leave the radius of the toilets in my house when I was pregnant with William. With this pregnancy I got sick earlier but I haven't been AS sick, don't get me wrong I still do my fair share of throwing up! I just have more good days. I still take my meds and those seem to help some what?

I don't know why I grow a huge belly from the night I conceive but I do! When people notice I'm pregnant they say "oh do you know what your having" and I have to respond with something like oh no, I am not very far a long I just show really early, I'm not due until May, it's almost embarrassing to say I am not due until May, that seems SO far away! haha.. oh well, I just have to get used to it. Believe it or not I haven't gained one pound Ive actually lost some weight since I've been pregnant, that's what I do, my belly gets bigger and bigger but I don't gain any weight for the first trimester at least and then I gain it all in like a month! we will see if this pregnancy does the same thing?

Monday, October 19

Funny William & big teeth

William cheesin it for me!

I wanted to share his enormous top teeth with you, what is up with them? haha... my friends and family make fun of them so bad! they are SO big! He just got another one on the top and it looks like it is going to be another massive tooth? it cracks me up!
He will stand and play with this kitchen for ever. It's so funny! He puts stuff in the microwave, and in the stove and then takes it out and puts it back in! We have also been "pretending" to eat the food, and I say how yummy it is very dramatically and he copies me, oh yumm.. haha! but he really does put it in his mouth and slobber all over it! we're still working on the "pretend" part.
I pulled out the camera the other day cause I know I have been slackin on taking pictures of him! I had put him in a weired out fit not his normal jeans and polo, and hadn't even done his hair, but oh well, I take what I can get? He's still adorable to me!
him eating one of his little pretend shrimps.
My darling son! I can't get enough of him!

Friday, October 16

3 years

Brandon and I hit our THREE year mark last week. We had plans to go out to dinner and actually find someone to watch William. We NEVER go out (especially with out William), so we were way excited. Then I got SOOO sick and we didn't end up doing anything! :( We will make up for it and go out some time soon! I can't believe it's been three years, it's gone by so fast and yet so much has changed since then! Thanks Babe for being the best husband and daddy! love you!

Monday, October 5

11 months

My son turned ELEVEN MONTHS Monday October 5th.

I can hardly believe it, where has the time gone? How did he get so big? When did he get so smart? He kills me with how fast he learns and grows! This last month has been so much fun, well after he broke his top two teeth things were fun. He makes me smile and laugh continuously through out the day. He is so funny. He continues to amaze me and his dad all the time! I love this little guy more and more every day! I am so grateful for his mild temper and his sweet and loving happy spirit! I was truly blessed with this child and know that I probably wont get this lucky again!

In month 10

He waves Hi and Bye all day long, to everything and everybody, even if it's through the phone to a picture in a book or the gardeners doing the lawn out side. it's funny.

He started walking a lot more this past week, he walks down the hall, and from one room to the other. He does really well when he is barefoot, when i put socks or shoes on him he doesn't do as well.

He is talking more and more. He tries to repeat a lot of the things I say. A couple of his more recent words are "mo" for more, and he has said "up" a few times.

We started working on signing, and he has done "more" a few times (even though it's more like clapping?). That's really the only one that he has done, and it's not consistent by any means so we will keep working on it.

He loves his papa, grandma, aunties, and cousins. I will tell him when we are going to visit them where we're going and he gets so excited.

He is a little lover! He gives hugs and kisses to pretty much everyone. He cuddles and hugs, and then pats your back. It's the sweetest thing ever! especially when you aren't expecting it.

He got two more teeth this last month. The top two came in together at the same time, (wasn't the best week!) as soon as they broke through and stopped hurting you were back to your normal happy self! I think it was so bad because it was two at a time. He only has 4 teeth, the top two and the bottom two.

He got another hair cut this last month. I chopped it! He has a short spiky little boys hair cut. It changed the way he looked SOO much! it took me a good two days to get used to it! All his soft baby hair is gone. He is now a big boy!

Speaking of big boy. William has discovered his male parts. All of the sudden he realised there was something "down there". every time his diaper gets changed his hands go down there! (oh you gotta love boys!) He also knows what it's called, if asked where it is he will show you. So smart, such a proud mam! haha

He has become a little monkey! He climbs and climbs on everything. and if there is a box or container he can push over to something to help in his task he will figure it out and use it! The little stinker. I can't help but be impressed with his determination and abilities on the matter though.

I started William on Cows milk about a week ago. I knew I was going to do it early. I need to ween him from the boob and he HATES formula so I thought the taste of real milk would help the process, and it has. He gets nursed in the morning and at night and gets a sippy of milk through out the day. It's been working pretty well for the most part. Some times he still really wants the boob, but hes been getting better.

Sorry no pictures, I haven't been taking very many lately, I will do better and post some soon. LOVE YOU LITTLE WILLIAM! Thanks for being the best 11 month old a mama could ask for!