Friday, May 29

Provo/Orem Trip

We had a very eventful weekend last weekend. First we went camping with some Friends and then as soon as we got home from that we headed up north to visit some of Brandon's family. I will be posting our camping trip soon. I have so many pictures from one week it's crazy. I need to pace my self. So this will be part one of our Memorial day weekend.

Brandon's Brother Steven and his wife Ellie have a baby girl 6 weeks older then William and so William and Lillian did a lot of things together. She was trying to show him how to crawl and even share her toys and her bedroom. It was a lot of fun staying with them so the kids could interact with each other. I think they enjoyed them selves.

This is everyone taking a Sunday stroll to the near by park. Matt (Brandon's Brother) and his wife Lauren. Steven (Brandon's Brother) and his wife Ellie with their baby Lillian. and Brandon pushing William.

We put the kids in the swings and they loved it. It was Williams first swinging experience. (don't let his serious face full you, he really did like it)

Thanks Lilly for playing with William and sharing your nursery and all your toys!

This is Brandon with his brothers. He has two brothers and two sisters. Both his Brothers live in Utah. Occasionally we get to see each other and hang out. It's always a lot of fun when we get together. We played games, talked and ate. What more can you ask for in a vacation?

Wednesday, May 27

He is SO close

William is SO close to crawling! He definitely can get to point A to point B but he doesn't quite have both the legs and hand motion down at the same time. He is doing so well and I expect him to just start booking it around the house on all fours any day!! It is so cute and fun to see them learning new things! Good job son you ALMOST have it!

Sunday, May 24

love him!

I love this age, he is so fun right now, laughing and smiling all the time now!
Having play time with mommy and daddy before he went to bed. He wasn't acting tired even though mommy and daddy were!

Friday, May 22

more swimming

We went to Brittany's pool again. We love swimming it's one of the only things you can do here in the 100 degree heat. William continues to love the water, I can't wait until I can really teach him how to swim!

Thursday, May 21

Mallory's Wedding

Mallory got married on Saturday, the wedding was wonderful and the reception went really well. My mom and who ever we could get to help did all the food for the reception. We have some great friends (Sarah and Steve-o) that we abused and helped out a lot! The kids looked so cute in their matching outfits. With how busy I was we didn't take any pictures! I know I am horrible and totally regretting it! I just kinda left it up to the photographer to take them? I was too busy running around trying to make Mallory stress free as much as possible. Things turned out wonderful. These are the only pictures we took, thanks to my husband he snapped a few when Mallory and Dean came out of the temple. Thanks hun, at least we have a couple pics to post. :)
(left) Brydee giving Mallory a hug right when she came out of the temple. (Right)Beckham giving Dean a hug, Brydee, Jay Jay, and Corben. and yes William had an outfit that matched the rest of the boys! (and yes I realize I'm an idiot for not taking a picture!)

CONGRATS Mallory and Dean!

Tuesday, May 19

a sunday stroll

We were at Steve-o and Sarah's house the other night when we decided to take a little Sunday stroll, they have a walking path next to their house that goes parallel to the river. I know it looks like it's midnight but it actually was kinda light out side but all the pictures look like it is so late! While the boys were being boys and trying to see who could skip their rock the most down the river the girls were being girls and taking pictures of sweet baby will. He was having a good time just hanging out in his stroller. His little smile just kills me! He has been so smiley lately I love it! except when he is teething! that's not so fun! notice in one of the pictures he is gnawing on one of his fingers, yeah he does that constantly these days!

Sunday, May 17


Sarah got this cute shirt for William for mother's day. It says "mom's #1 fan" gotta love it!

Friday, May 15

baby sittin'

I started baby sitting a couple weeks ago... this little guy is baby Troy he is 3 months old. When his mom dropped him off this particular morning I realized William had the same out fit, so I put him in it and they were little twiners for the day.

Wednesday, May 13

Saturday Morning

I love Saturdays and Wednesdays! On these days Brandon is home with us and we get to bring William in bed with us and cuddle and have a lazy morning.
Will was Trying on daddy's hat and having Saturday morning play time.

Monday, May 11

Will's First Swim

We have learned that William loves to swim. He took to the water like a little fish, he doesn't mind getting splashed and most of time time does it to him self right in the face. Sarah and I took William to the Washington City Rec Center and it was a good experience, we have now been a few times and he loves it.This is the first time I put his feet in the water, He was excited right away, I don't know if you can see it but he is sportin' a huge smile.

Sarah and Will drying off together.

This was another day at my sisters pool. The water was A LOT colder then the heated rec center water but we got used to it and it turned out fun.

Jay Jay (my sister Brittany's son) & me and Will.

I love that little smile!

This video cracks me up! please turn down your volume of me talking to William, very annoying! but you don't need sound to enjoy this video. It's only a few seconds but Williams arm's are going a million miles an hour! he enjoyed the water and his little floaty to say the least.

Friday, May 8

six months

My little guy is six months old!
Happy half birthday little man!

His stats at his Dr. app. today were...

Height 26 1/4 in 50%

Weight 18 lbs. 60%

Head 44 1/2 cm 73%

He is such a good baby I fall more in love with him every day!

This month stuff.. .

*He now rolls over all the time! Front to back AND back front He is also starting to scoot, crawling is in the near future.

*He Sits on his own very well, he has a very straight back, & strong head and shoulders.

*He still likes to stand.

*He is a very aggressive little boy and plays rough with his toys, throws them, and hits them.

*He has good hand eye coordination with his toys.
*He now says da da da, and is starting on the "Ba" sound, no matter how many times we practice mama he still says da da? It's ok I'll let Brandon have this one because we all know Will likes me more! :)
*He Is so funny, he smiles all the time, I love it!

*He LOVES the water bath time is his favorite and now a new favorite activity is swimming!

*He is a very good eater, he never had a problem adjusting to "the spoon" He picked it up from the beginning, what can I say he takes after Stotts and Trasks what do you expect?
*He loves music, I serve in the primary at church and he loves when the children sing he loves when I sing primary songs to him and when his dad whistles, sings, or plays guitar, it always puts a smile on his face.

*He loves stroller rides.

*He is very observant, it's like he is studying everything around him and learning right in front of our eyes.

Monday, May 4

Sister Mallory

Dean and Mallory are getting married on May 16th. I am so happy for my sister! Dean and Mallory dated through out middle school and high school and were also friends. They got serious I think the end of their junior year and dated their senior year. Mallory sent Dean on a mission and waited for him to return. Dean came home in January of this year and they are engaged to be married!

So the other day, I went with Dean and Mallory to take their Bridals... Their Photographer is Jared Madsen He is really talented and does a good job, They went to like 4 different locations and I had a lot of fun helping out, telling them what poses to do how to make it look better, where to put their hands and what to do with their head. They are going to turn out SO good I am really excited to see them. I really enjoy photography and taking pictures (if you cant tell from the million that I take of William daily) and would love to get really good at it and maybe even do it for a living some day but that's just wishful thinking I'm too big of a scaredy cat to be an entrepreneur! I'll just continue 'practicing' on my little son.
So Mallory just e-mailed me some of the pictures, They aren't the final product there is a little editing that still needs to be done but I just had to post a few for you all to see how beautiful she is! (and yes her colors are lime green, with a splash of hot pink)

After church

Yesterday at church I realized William and I were kinda matching, so when we got home I pulled out the camera and snapped a few photos. I also chopped my hair off again! here's a good shot of that... I'm still trying to decide if I love it?

such a sweet heart! love those sweet cheeks!