Sunday, July 31

Disney Vacation Day 6

on Thursday (Day 6) we went to Epcot.

Epcot was a lot of fun! They had the Character spot where you could wait in a line IN DOORS with air conditioning and then go through the line of all the characters! We had been to several parks and we had yet to see Mickey! I was getting worried that we had yet to see mickey until I saw the character spot! we waited in line and then we went through and saw Mickey, Pluto, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy we were so excited!

We did a finding Nemo ride.

We did an interactive show with Slush from finding Nemo.  (it was so darling and the kids loved it)

and we walked around all the Aquariums and saw the creatures in the water!

Brandon and I went on Soarin' and Test track. Soaring was awesome.

Caitlin and Annalise waiting in line.

 he was smashed next to Minnie in this group hug!

Lucas checking out Minnie
 he did better with the card board cut outs... he didn't love the characters as much as William!
 So sweet holding Donald's hand.
do you see how hard he is squeezing Donald arm!? he was SO excited he was freaking out.

so this was all the kids around Donald.....

and this is what happens when all the kids are so excited around him and Donald is squatting down next to them. He lost his balance and over he went!
 Lilly loves Donald, he is her very favorite, she even has a little Donald doll she carries around with her.
 like I said he didn't do so well with them.. haha

 playing some video games.

 I hate that he loves it so much! but he does!
 Annalise passed out!
We saw this van on the way out of the park in the parking lot. too funny! we had to take a picture next to it.

We made it a goal to leave this park early enough in the day so we could have some time to "hang out" together.  We hadn't done very much of that on this trip so we were determined to have a relaxing night for our last night together. We had a delicious dinner of take out Chinese.  We put most of the kids to sleep and the adults played a little poker. :) The last two standing were Ellie and I, and we pretty much called it a draw.  It was late and they had to catch a plane early in the morning.  It was probably my favorite night while we were there. I love when we all hang out and get to talk and laugh, and eat. Next vacation I am determined we do more of it! Talking and relaxing that is, (lets be honest probably eating as well!) :)

Friday, July 29

Disney Vacation Day 5

Day 5 was Hollywood Studios day

Things I want to remember about Hollywood Studios

*Disney Junior Live on Stage: Probably William's Favorite things the whole week. He saw Handy Manny and the tools, Jake and the Never land Pirates, Little Einsteins, mickey mouse club house and all the character's, and he LOVED IT!

*Muppet's Vision in 3D: William wore his 3D glasses the whole time and totally loved it.

*We ate dinner/lunch at this awesome restaurant and ate like royalty, I had the best appetizer, main course, dessert, and drink! Thanks to my in laws for that!! (it was part of a package to go to the fantasia show later that night if we ate there)

*We watched This HUGE mickey fantasia show at the end of the night.  It was freaking awesome! it was a little scary when all the villains from all the movies were flashing up on the water and the mean witch turned into a HUGE dragon, but then Mickey defeated the bad guys and won! so then it made it all better! it was a great show!

Brandon and I rode on The Tower of Terror, Star Tours,  and Rock "n" roller coaster.

We saw Lighting McQueen, and Mator. And the highly anticipated Phineas and Ferb!!

 I have no idea why William looks SO mad in these pictures? he was really excited?  but Lilly Makes up for it! look how genuinely excited she is!!! haha love it!
I love Phineas and Ferb!
 Grandma Stott gave all the kids candy necklaces, those things are fun for all ages!
 Leaving the park at the end of our AWESOME show!

Thursday, July 28

Disney Vacation Day 4

Day 4 was Golf in the morning and Blizzard Beach Water Park in the afternoon!

It was a great way to start off our morning, I just wish it wasn't the next morning after having the longest day and latest night the day before at the magic kingdom, we may not have planned that out perfectly. :)  But it was still a lot of fun, a big thanks to Steve and Ellie for making it happen! and who woke up with my kids while we were gone! (I totally thought they would have slept in late from the night before!) and Thanks to Kelsey for getting Lucas dressed, and playing with him.

I don't have any pictures of the water park yet, I will add those when I get them!! for now here are a few golf pictures...

I did not know he was taking this picture! haha! and yes the grass was really that dewy! our socks were slushing around in our shoes by like the second hole!

This was later that night while we were getting dinner ready, Samantha (my 7 year old niece) asked papa if he would play go fish with her, naturally he said of course I'd love to, and all the girls kinda migrated around... it was darling, I had to grab my camera.  William was sleeping, or else I am sure he would have wanted to play too. He had fallen asleep on the way home from the water park at about 7:00 and didn't wake up the whole night! (that is 5:00 Utah time!) That's how much we had been wearing him out!
 love that Annalise is wearing her sunglasses inside, over her hair while playing cards... haha!

Wednesday, July 27

Disney Vacation Day 2 and 3

on Sunday (day 2) we went to church and swam out by the pool at the hotel, I know nice combo huh? (for some reason I didn't take one picture that day?!)
Then on Monday morning (day 3) we woke up bright and early again and headed to the magic kingdom!  I really should have written down things we did through out the week! because now I am having a hard time remembering what we did and what day! At the end of each night I would remember what we did that day and what each child seemed to enjoy the most.  On Monday there was A LOT to reminisce about. And a lot to remember. The kids loved everything about magic kingdom.

Things I want to remember about the magic kingdom:

*The Carousel: they loved it! Lucas loved loved it, and threw a fit when I took him off of his horse!

*It's a small world ride, Lucas and William both loved it mostly Lucas though. Clapping and smiling through the entire ride!

*We went on a Jungle Cruise.

*We flew on Aladdin's Magic Carpets.

*Buzz Light Year's ride: The kids loved it! Especially WILLIAM! we had to ride this one twice!

*Peter Pans Flight: both kids loved this ride as well, Mostly William! He was sad when we couldn't ride it again right after it was over!

*Pirates of the Caribbean: The boys were a little nervous of the first little drop but then they forgot about it and really loved watching all the animation through out the ride!

*The Haunted Mansion: William kept covering his eyes, I felt really bad, I had to keep telling him it was just pretend and it was ok! after it was over he said it wasn't scary, haha! Lucas fell asleep on my shoulder as soon as we got in the ride where it was dark and cool.

Brandon and I rode, Splash mountain, Thunder mountain, and Brandon rode space mountain later that night.

We also did a photo pass for the whole week and I am so excited to get all those pictures back because I didn't take very many great shots! haha, mine are mostly when we are waiting in lines and we have down time! so not too exciting! :) when I get it back I will probably just go back and update my old posts so I have them for my own blog books. (if I ever get around to actually making them!)

 I guess I should explain our shirts, We did family vaca shirts this year, and I must say they were pretty dang cute! Steve and Ellie did them so I can't take any credit for them at all! They bought all the adult shirts at big 5 and then Ellie made all the children's shirts to match! Each family had their own color and each person had their own "dwarf" name on the back. Brandon was sporty, I was Thrifty, William was busy and Lucas was Squinty. and the numbers are in order or age, starting with my father in law at number 1 for being the oldest going all the way down to 21 for Jonah (who is 2 weeks younger then Lucas.)

 Lilly just 6 weeks older then William. Little Sassy pants.

 like I said, he loved it!
 Yes we got a HUGE turkey Leg, we just had to! I was about to either go buy one or knock out the next person I saw with one and steal it and run away! They smelt so good, you couldn't walk around with out smelling the amazing aroma!
 The boys did a lot of this on and off through out the day, They were so tuckered out!
 Watching the parade at the end of the day!
William atop his Grandma Stotts shoulders right after she had just bought him his light up Mickey Balloon! Watching the fireworks and admiring Cinderellas Castle! So sweet.

At the end of the night after the fireworks, Brandon, both his sisters and a sister in law stayed behind for a little while longer to ride on a few more "big kid" rides, and the other half's took the kids home. It was an adventure! there were 4 adults against 6 kids, 4 strollers, 4 Large Mickey/princess balloons, a lot of diaper bags, and several sleeping children.  both my kids were asleep and both of Kevin's kids were asleep. and we had to face the monorail, and tram. (the tram makes you take the kids out of the stroller and fold up the stroller.) which would have been impossible by myself and two sleeping children and a large stroller to carry! It was hilarious, I almost peed my pants several times that night.  In the process we lost a flip flop, dropped a sleeping child off the back of the sit and stand stroller, popped a princess balloon, and made a few memorise to last a life time! I will never forget that night and how sad we all looked! not to mention we were all soooo tired! :) great times.

Monday, July 25

Disney Vacation DAY 1

The Stott family vacation as usual was a big success! We left Thursday flew threw the night and arrived Friday morning.  Friday was arrival day for everyone starting with us. We un-packed and recuperated from our night of no sleep. The next day was the start of our vacation!

The first day we went to the Animal Kingdom. I was looking forward to this park a lot but didn't quite know what to expect. The kids loved it. We saw a lot of fun animals, rode on some rides, and Williams favorite part, saw a few characters!

Things I want to remember about Animal Kingdom:

*Kali River Rapids- (like big foot rapids) Brandon and I were like the only ones in the whole raft that got completely soaked!

*Finding Nemo the musical- The boys loved loved this! I didn't think they would be they did!!! Lucas clapped and smiled the entire time! I loved it!

*Expedition Everest- roller coaster, Brandon and I rode, it was a lot of fun!

 the boys were so tired and it was so early for them, especially with the two hour time change they did not want to wake up. This is pretty much how it was every morning.
 all of us gearing up ready to go after we all piled out of the huge van!
This is how my boys rode for the whole week.  I should have brought my double stroller but thought it would be too big. Now after the thought I wish I would have brought it.  They do so well sharing the same seat but often times they would fall asleep at the same time and both want to lay back and go to sleep, and only one of them could fit at a time.
 we went on a jungle safari ride and saw a bunch of really cool animals....

King Louie and Baloo the Bear were the first characters we saw of the week, I was waiting to see how he would do, would he be nervous or scared or excited and happy.  He did not disappoint! he was SOO excited to see them, ran right up to king Louie and gave him a hug and then took Baloos hand... It is so darling to see him get so excited about the characters he watches on TV all the time!

giving goofy a high-5! he was SO excited to see goofy and Pluto!
Day one was LONG, HOT, and HUMID, but such a great day. more to come!