Friday, June 24

best invention EVER!!

This thing is AWESOME!! they are called Puddle Jumpers they sell at Target for $17.99 they are THE BEST floatation device for little ones learning to swim! I am in love! If you have a 1,2,3,4 or 5 year old that can't swim yet go out and get one today!

William will run jump off the diving board go completely under pop up swim across the whole pool get out and do it all over again all by him self! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. They are so safe! My little niece can swim completely by her self while wearing one. They buckle in the back and the kids can NOT take them off by them selves either!

Sunday, June 12

Quick little story...

Today I was sitting at the computer William was playing near by but then I herd the front door open and close. I thought either someone was home, or William has escaped! I was hoping it wasn't the latter cause I didn't want to get up and go find him.  I didn't here anyone home so I thought I better go find my son.  I get up and next to me is a roll of yarn, the roll was next to me but the yarn was stretched across the family room through the kitchen, through the living room, and leading out the front door, I instantly started laughing and followed my sons trail.  I opened the front door and it continued to lead me through the yard over the drive way and around the corner of the house, I laughed and went in to get Brandon so he could come see his son.  We then went back out side followed the rest of the yarn to the back yard where William was found.  He was proud of him self but still so an aware of what he has done.  I said leave that right there I want to show you what you did. he was like what? ha ha! I took him back to the front of the house, through the house back to the roll of yarn on the floor. We then rolled it all back up.  It was pretty funny.

Wednesday, June 8

more outside...

The other day I bought a new slip in slide and little kiddie pool, and Sarah brought hers over too.  We invited a few of Williams and Lucas' Friends and we had a little swim party.  I don't know why I didn't remember to bring out my camera until the end of the day! ugh!!

 So that is what the first three pictures are from...


 Then the next day My sisters and all their kids came over and we enjoyed the sun shine once again...
 William sliding on his knees
 Jay Jay
 Brydee had to show up the boys and go on her tummy!
 Sidney getting  a drink from the slip in slide
 Sidney is my favorite in this pic.
 William. Jay Jay. Brydee. Beckham. Corben.

 Becks and William going together.

Monday, June 6


We had the awesome opportunity to go boating last weekend! Mallory and Dean were going with a friend and she invited us along!  We were more then happy to accept the offer!

William (he started off in a pink life jacket) good thing it's one of his favorite colors.  This was right when we got started out.... There is not very many things better then sitting in the boat cruising across the lake wind blowing, sun shining...

 Me and Lucas (he loved it too)
 Lucas' life Jacket kept ridding up, it wasn't the most comfortable thing to wear but he was a good sport and kept it on the whole time. William also switched his life jacket after we saw a Cars life jacket with lightning McQueen on it!!
 love it!
 Auntie Bugaboo (as she is called by all her nieces and nephews.)
 Dean and Mallory basking in the sunshine.. haha!
 Sad Story: William all ready to go, (bravest 2 year old ever! I wouldn't have gone!) they got all ready and the handle where the rope connects to broke off. :( so we pulled them in a retied it to the handles on top where you hang on to.  We thought it was worth a try. after all we did get the tube out pump it up and this was the first attempt of the day. SO we started off again and it instantly pulled the tube down into the water. My little son was pulled under and taking in water! :( we said stop stop... Brandon pulled him back up and we brought him in the boat and dried him off.  Needless to say that was the start and end of the tube that day.

 Mallory and a happy Lucas
 He was so happy... love his little smile!
 Two minutes later this was him! The boat has magic powers! As SOON as we start ridding across the lake my boys start to drift off to sleep they could not take it! Lucas took two naps while we were out there.  This is the second time he feel asleep, and he wouldn't let go of the rope he was holding even though he was out cold.
 William couldn't fight it either and he fell asleep sitting up against Brandon. They were both asleep for a little while it was so peaceful.
 The last three pics are of Dean wake Boarding.... We had a lot of fun THANKS so much for letting us tag along!!