Wednesday, November 14

Halloween and such, post 1

Im a little ok A LOT behind on my posts, so these next few posts will be coming out like rapid fire! I never posted Halloween pics, so first up, 
Sat night we went to Sarah and Steve-o's Ward Halloween Carnival.  It was a total bust when we realized it cost money! haha, and we didn't bring any, William stayed and hung out with Avary, where he had a blast played a bunch of games, and they won the costume contest. haha... 

Then came Sunday... we went and ate dinner at Ben and Ashton's house, then after we carved pumpkins, and the boys painted theirs.  It was a fun time... I am sad I didn't get a pic of any of the Adults awesome pumpkins! it was my first time doing a pumpkin with an actual stencil and actual carving tools! I didn't know how much easier it could be. and I didn't know I was so old school, people laughed at me when I said lets just use a stake knife. :)

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