Sunday, October 7

More cell phone pics...

I thought id upload some of my cell phone pics from this weekend... 

William likes to take pictures of Evalyn, well he likes to take pics in general. I think I may need to get him his own cheap little camera? anyway, he took the top two pics of Eva all by him self.
I. love. them.

Yes she is always in her Pajamas, (just like her mom shhhhhh dont tell anyone.)

I wanted to up load this pic so I remembered this week.  we lost our van key in our house, and some of you may not know we are a one car family. and when you loose access to your only mode of transportation its NOT fun.  We turned our house up side down for two days!!! yea it was the longest two days ever!  People even came over to help find it!

 William Finally found the key.  I hurried and called back the lock smith person that I had JUST set the apt with to make us a new key! yep he saved us almost 200 dollars! I hugged and kissed him about a million times! he was SO proud of him self! :)

Eva and I had some alone time yesterday when Brandon took the boys out on what they like to call a "man date" usually they go to fiesta fun spend a few bucks on the arcade games and miniature golf for free. they are in heaven and love when they get to go on their "man dates" SO Eva and I practiced sitting... she sat for a few seconds on her own, just long enough for me to grab my phone and snap a picture.  She is getting a little better, but looks like a new born sitting. haha

During the sat. Morning session of Conference I painted our front door.  I have been wanting to do it forever! I finally bought the paint, and a new door knob/handle. We also got a new kick plate and Mallory has a cricket machine that cut out some vinyl numbers for the perfect touch I was going for! I still need to drill a hole for the dead bolt. hopefully dean can come over and "help" with that. :)
I love how it turned out! 

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