Tuesday, September 25

Cell phone pics...

I Never do anything with the pics I take randomly with my cell, so I am trying to save them to my computer and post them every so often, Here are some of the recent pics over the last month or two... 

William on a new"er" tricycle (yet another garage sale) (I don't think he had his teeth in in this pic! he always has a weird smile when they aren't in, fyi they have fallen out a couple times and we've had to go get them put back in. poor little guy!)

Brandon doing what he does with eva, EATING her. 

We watched Titan one night, this was us having story time after bath time.
 This was a random pic of the room we stayed in in New Jersey! forgot I had taken a cell phone pic. (this pic doesn't even do it justice either!)
 Here is my two twinners watching a show. haha! so brothers!
 This is Lucas and I when we had a little alone time. :) Brandon and I like to enjoy the kids one on one every so often.
 Every night the boys beg to have their sister lay with them for a little while before they go to sleep.
 Lucas has undies on (I think) haha! I bought eva a swing the other day off the yard sale fb page. we had to try it out. She is still SO tiny for it! haha!
 This pic cracks me up and is one of my favorites! I got the boys some new action figures (again from the yard sale fb page) this was what they did with them... it's captain hook peter pan and mr smee hanging from a stick in a bucket of mud, over the alligator in water! haha!! so cleaver!

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Mills Family said...

Think how awesome your pictures would be if you had a smart phone! :)